rorschach MRI

February 23, 2013



7 Responses to “rorschach MRI”

  1. kathy frazer said

    I think, keep the dancing people, the cats, the spider and penis and shoo the others out

  2. Rosa said

    i think the monkeys and the weeping alien are keepers, too.

  3. Elaine Morris said

    that is craz thinking about you!

  4. Kyle said

    It takes a village…

  5. Tina, you have an incredible humoristic imagination.
    Love, Narayani

  6. James Holland said

    Dear Tina,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. May I have your permission to send the collection to a couple of friends who have both MS, and thus are no strangers to brain scans, and, shall we say, the appropriate artistic sensibility? And as it happens I play with Photoshop, so if you’d like to select a few to send me in larger format…

    Seriously, you’re in my thoughts and I’d love to actually see you. Maybe lunch sometime in the not too distant future?

    All the best,

    Jim Holland

  7. Carolyn Moeller said

    You have a beautiful brain!

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