The Little Engine(ers) That Could

January 24, 2013

Finally! Harris County Flood Control District signed off. Good God what a slog! I am eternally indebted to my friend, James Elmore, for wading through the massive number of illogical revisions and massive amount of BS. As a result of his efforts, we now have the electric and plumbing permits and 5621 Knox has become one very busy anthill of activity.

In the meantime, while James was slogging away, my very good and incredibly generous friend, Anna, sent a crew our way to get started on anything and everything that could be done using a generator (thank you Richard!) Below you will see new French doors off both bedrooms, new windows, exterior walls and old insulation (in attic too) removed and re-insulated. Further down, you will see us closer to the finished product… Drywall hung, taped, floated and painted, floors refinished, ceiling fans hung, new shower surround, and back deck (eventually to be a screened in back porch).

I would be remiss to not mention that my mother has shouldered this project. Aside from being sent to Lowe’s or Home Depot to pick out a bathroom vanity and house numbers or to run a check to a contractor, I have done exactly nothing. Thank you mudder!

To see a rough floor plan of the house, click knox floorplan.

More news as it develops…

DSC_0189 DSC_0187 DSC_0186 DSC_0224 DSC_0229 DSC_0225


9 Responses to “The Little Engine(ers) That Could”

  1. Weezie Mackey said

    Tina!!! This is gorgeous. And those floors! I love to see and hear the updates. Way to go to all who have helped along the way and will in the future. You so deserve it.

  2. Elaine Morris said

    Wow! It’s beautiful! Way to go Team Tina for getting this new home finally underway! Hope you’re having an open house party…I’ll be there!


  3. Micki Fine said

    Hi Tina:

    Thanks for sending me the update on your house . . . so cool!

    See you soon, Micki Fine

  4. Susan Elmore said

    Tina, I’m so happy to see the progress and I hope you move in VERY SOON! Love. Susan

  5. Mary Alice said

    It looks fabulous!! So happy for you!!!

  6. kathy frazer said

    So happy your home is finally getting built. It is beautiful!!!

  7. Elizabeth Orsak said

    What an adorable little home! I’m into antiques, and the hardwood floors really caught my eye. They’re priceless. Also love the french doors. What a lovely blessing for you and your family.

  8. Barbie Czech Traynor said

    Love your house. I hope you get to move in real soon.

  9. Barbie Czech Traynor said

    Your house is amazing. And your support group is amazing!

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