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November 1, 2012

In honor of Halloween, I was going to post this last night. That was, until I figured out that I didn’t have the pictures I needed on my laptop but instead on my desktop at work.

So, in honor of Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead for you non-hipsters) instead, here is what would have been my Halloween post.

If you’ve never had a brain MRI (or haven’t had one recently) then you don’t know that, at least at the Baylor Clinic, when you are done you can request the images be put on a CD/DVD – I’m really not sure which – for you. This is terribly handy if, like me, you are not a doctor and never even played one on TV but like to self-diagnose nevertheless. After my last brain MRI in August, I did just that – asked for a copy of the images.

Of course, I thought I wanted them. That was until I came home to an empty apartment. The boys were with their dad, Larry was working, and I was alone and suddenly not quite sure I wanted to play doctor anymore. But I really DID want to know, I NEEDED to know because I felt fine, I hadn’t had anything that even hinted at a symptom in months, I HAD to be better – right?

So I put the disc in the drive half hoping my computer would not have the IQ necessary to open the files. It did. And as I looked at about 5 static images I thought, “Well, I can’t see anything from these. But I’m in that tube for 40 some odd minutes and I know that all that knocking and whirring (that I find so very Eno-esque and thus, oddly soothing) is taking pictures of my brain in paper thin slices from the top all the way down to where my brain ends and just my spine remains. Where are all the other pictures?”

And as I fiddled with the computer I realized that I could click on an image and arrow down or up through the images. And I happened upon one that looked like this.


Yes. That’s a cross section of my eyeballs at the top, my sinus cavities between the two eyeballs, and my spine below my sinus cavities. Cool, huh? (And no. You can’t see any tumors in this slice.)

But when I saw it, it reminded me of something. At first I thought it was this.


But after a couple of days of thinking about it, I realized it was this.


Which is where my good friend, Princess Nolina, comes in. (Sadly, I only found out about this nickname about a day before we stopped working together. As such, I use it every chance I get.) Princess Nolina (aka Nolan Waugh – yes, she’s a dude) worked together at Rice – he, the evil mastermind of the uber-connected El Paso Finance Center; I, a lowly minion.* Anyway, No-No (as I also enjoy invoking him) solved more than a few computer boo-hoo’s for me. So I sent him a long overdue email that extolled his virtues and spoke to the depths of our grief in his absence. And then I asked him for a favor…

As you will see, s/he was my wo/man. Thanks again, No-No.


*I would like this word so much more were it spelt** “mignon.” So much jucier.

**I know that’s not a word but I’ve decided that if you can say ‘dreampt,’ I can say ‘spelt.’


8 Responses to “While you’re here, sign up to be a Follower! I won’t think less of you and promise, no Kool-Aid!”

  1. Juliette Lofft said

    This is your brain. THIS is your brain on art. πŸ˜€ ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. Juliette Lofft said

    Gee, thanks. NOW, I’m gonna have Guyana Punch running on the endless loop tape that is in MY brain! πŸ˜›

  3. Karey Rawitscher said

    That is too good! The tumors haven’t damaged your sick sense of humor, so you may still be around to celebrate another Dia de los Muertos
    …god willing.

  4. kathy frazer said

    You are such a hoot!!!! I love your Halloween portrait and your friend sounds wonderful.
    And. I hope you did not see any tumors on your cd.
    Very happy you are symptom free!!!!
    Keep posting, i love your wicked humor!!!

  5. Bill Sherborne said

    I’m amazed at how well that works! I love my brain scan cd — but it looks like they’ve improved the resolution since I had mine. I like to start at one end and run through my whole brain really fast from top to bottom.

    “Spelt” is a word (even though the spell-check here is telling me otherwise), but “dreampt” is not (it’s dreamt). “Mignon” is the adjective form of “minion”, so if you have a mignon minion, you might have a cute servant. Happy Dio de los Muertos.

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