F-Bombs Will Be Dropped

October 30, 2012

I suck. I know. I keep waiting, thinking something will happen, something will inspire me to write, that I will write something great, deep, meaningful. I seem mired in waiting, so mired that each laborious step made feels anticlimactic, I am too tired with waiting to feel much else. Unless I get pissed, angry enough to make things happen despite the slow bastards in my way. It’s like what I called the “stroller people” at Disney World. I don’t give a fuck if you have a small, sticky, sweaty child – too small to even appreciate anything they are seeing no less the thousands of dollars you spent on your vacation – and a cumbersome stroller. You are in my fucking way. I have somewhere to be and I don’t give a crap if you are jealous because I can navigate this amusement park unencumbered. Your encumbrances are YOURS. I just want to move into my house already.

The hold up is that the City of Houston requires a storm water plan – we have to show that, by putting this house here, the runoff of rain from the roof won’t overtax the storm sewers.

And honestly, I could understand were I tearing down an old West U cottage and building a fucking MCMANSION to within a hair’s breadth of my setback lines with a fucking CONCRETE CIRCLE DRIVE in my fucking FRONT YARD.

But I’m not.

I have 20,000 SF of DIRT available (not including the 40,000 SF right the fuck NEXT DOOR) to soak up whatever rain may run off my SEVENHUNDREDANDEIGHTYFOUR SF of ROOF. I don’t know but I DON’T think I’ll need my WADERS anytime soon. Just me?

I think the thing that is frustrating me the most is the fact that I will probably have to pay rent for two more months. I could think – and I’m sure you could too – of two thousand better ways to spend that two thousand dollars.

So aside from feeling less-than-profound and less-than-charmed and less-than-making-good-and-fruitful-use-of-my-time I am also in the midst of complete disenchantment with my employer and utterly powerless to do anything Tina-like about it. Imagine if you will, Tina, sitting, silently, dutifully, for as many hours as she can bear, five days a week. Considering the bullshit I have to navigate daily, maybe those waders will come in handy after all. And I thought the karma gods pissed ME off! Apparently, I pissed THEM off, although damned if I know how. Fortunately, it has not trickled down to the boys.

Gabe is filling out the Common App and applying to colleges here, there and everywhere. Despite a fabulous grade the first time around, he took the SAT again and scored even better – a 2060 (for those old-schoolers, 2400 is the new high). Additionally, he is one of five National Hispanic Scholars from his high school, a designation that will only improve his ability to qualify for funds. He remains quite smitten with the ever-wonderful Anna Rose – and she with him. The fact that they will both leave for college – and quite possibly different colleges – tears me up. They really are great together and while I’m not exactly what one would call the romantic type, I hope they can find a way to fulfill their dreams together.

Jackson was invited onto the Reagan High School Math UIL team and is being encouraged by his Chemistry teacher to work ahead via Khan Academy so he can take the AP Chemistry exam this spring (while the other students master rounding numbers with 2 decimal points). His Algebra teacher wants to take him for a college placement exam this December so he can start taking college courses for free while still in high school. In his spare time he plays basketball on the neighborhood court with whoever shows up and aspires to travel to Montreal where, according to him, he can participate in legitimate rap battles. Yes. For a white(ish) boy, he is quite fresh… or fly… or whatever the word is for very good these days. He has somehow managed to command the respect of his peers for not only being cool, but smart.

Finally, I have a new favorite band – Die Antwoord. They help me remember to not give up the fight. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/wc3f4xU_FfQ


5 Responses to “F-Bombs Will Be Dropped”

  1. kathy frazer said

    Tina, write to the Mayor regarding this rain run-off business. Can’t hurt.
    So happy for both of you sons, both smart and talented! I hope their wishes come true, and yours as well. Hang in there! Sorry your work has become less than happy. I hope that will change.
    So good to see a post from you. I have been wondering how things are going.
    I pray these road blocks open up very soon and that things turn in a more positive and happy direction- soon!
    Keep airing your feelings and let me know what I can do to help. We have the same brand of temper

    Hang in there. I am sending positive energy your way.
    Love and blessings to you, Tina

  2. Delia said

    Hey Tina!
    I sure do appreciate your “Angry Spice” posting as I call it! Hell I’m angry because I’m too frickin lazy to get off my ass at 6:30am and grab my computer so I don’t have to use my iPhone to post this. After all I’ve been through recently, I’d think it’s the least I could do for a pal of mine. Oh but no, I’m sitting here on the back porch typing this out on the iPhone hoping the spell checker at least provides some form of comedy relief for you. It probably won’t though, so, just hang tough my gorgeous smile of a friend. Now then, I’m gonna hit post and see of THAT happens!

  3. Elaine said

    Hi Tina! Glad you haven’t lost your flare for the written word!!! Prayers continue. Hang in there….

  4. staszesky said

    Well done girlfriend. F bombs are a girls best friend in times such as these…and I think the latest word is…ahem, no pun intended, but ‘sic’ is the word of late…meaning hot shit, or fly or cool…you get me? And in the words of the most brilliant movie I have seen in a while…you can tell those Houston city storm plan people…”Argofuckyourself”


  5. Jane Hutto said

    The only time I wear my waders is when dealing with this all
    pervasive type of govt. bullshit red tape. I feel ya’ !!!!!!!!

    Jane H.

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