House and Health

August 20, 2012

Dear All ~

House is still in the works and the timetable is firming up a bit. The folks at The Modern Bungalow (the wonderful and generous building group that donated this “tear down”) didn’t close until this past Friday. I was handed keys on Saturday and finally got my second look inside. The living room was a bit smaller than I remembered but otherwise, a solid little house that I am looking forward to smothering in TLC! Sharing a couple of pictures here…

Healthwise, had a brain MRI, chest CT, and abdominal CT. None of the scans indicated any new metastasis and the brain MRI showed continued reduction in the two remaining tumors. So! Whatever YOU are doing on my behalf (praying, tithing, meditating, dancing, cursing, researching, visualizing) – keep it coming! I will continue swallowing pills (and cursing about it), resting when the sandman calls, eating healthy (okay, healthier !), and thinking obnoxiously positive thoughts!

Finally, spearheading what I hope is a final fundraising effort  – an online auction. I will be tapping some of your shoulders for creative resources and tapping ALL shoulders to spread the word. Hoping to reach a LARGE audience with these offerings so we can find some bidders with stockpiled resources (i.e. cash) to bid with. More on this in the coming weeks.

Heading to Chattanooga for my baby sister’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. Katherine and I didn’t grow up together – she is the prodigal daughter of my dad’s second marriage – but she has grown into a remarkable and beautiful woman. I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with family I don’t get to see often enough, including a cousin who, despite 45 years to figure out how and when, I have never met! After our impromptu trip to Cape Canaveral, Larry and I found out last summer that we’re pretty good on the road together so we’re driving. Only wish the boys could come so everyone could ooooh and aaaaah but alas, they are headed to Boston for the wedding of a Borja cousin with whom they are much closer.

Keep using your magic for good and until next time…

~ t/na


One Response to “House and Health”

  1. Congrats on the new casa–it’s super cute! Hope you get settled quickly and are feeling well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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