Lovely, True Rumors

August 2, 2012

I can be ever-so-slightly superstitious on occasion and, considering the run of good luck turned no luck I was having, I didn’t want to say anything too soon. But the time has come…

The boys and I have a house!

(scroll down for a terrible picture)

It’s tiny – not much bigger than my apartment – but a solid start. Even better, it was free – I just pay for the cost of the move. And for every imperfection (no washer/dryer hook up) there is a feature that makes it perfect (hardwood floors). It was most recently a rental and the current tenant (Lisa, from the Montrose and soon-to-be Memorial Pinot’s Palett) will move on the 8th of August thus giving Cherry House Movers free rein to jack it up off its 18th Street locale and drive it down Shepherd at 2:00 AM (I’ll take pictures!) Permitting and final prep on its final destination is already underway so hopefully it will be moved quickly. Once there it will take a few weeks to get all the hook ups – water, electricity, plumbing, propane (no city gas in Acres Home) – install a fence and gate, a full interior coat of paint, as well as sand and finish the floors.

Needless to say, I am SOOOOOO freakin’ relieved!

A few things to file away in your “What Tina Might Still Need” drawer:

  • fence boards – I’m having the posts and framing all put in but could use some 6′ and/or 8′ fence boards or anything else that could pass for a funky fence – regular hardwood doors, folding closet doors, sheets of corrugated tin – let the imagination chew on it. Just let me know if you run across anything.
  • deck boards – clearly, I will have to add on to the house and we’re planning on starting with some decks that we may eventually enclose.
  • wooden pallets – found a great design for a shed using wooden pallets instead of 2x4s for the framing. I can use as many as you can find (in good repair) as I’m thinking one never has enough sheds!
  • another house? – not that I can afford to move another house right now, but there is plenty of room and, chances are, in the long run it would be less expensive than an addition.

Healthwise, no update other than I will have my third brain MRI in the next couple of weeks. It will tell us if the chemo meds (2 different oral meds and Herceptin infusions every three weeks) are doing their own damage on what is left of the two biggest tumors, holding them at bay, or have been overrun. I will let you know.

Finally, this will be my last post on Caring Bridge and have to ask you all to migrate to my WordPress blog. I have copied and moved over all the CaringBridge posts and they are categorized as such with the Caring Bridge logo as well as a “Previously Seen on Caring Bridge” tag. A handy category for all you diehards out there will be “New to Yew” – a tag that will find other whatnot that I’ve written in the past 2.5 years.

To see the site, go to  I’m not sure exactly what the procedure is to ‘follow,’ don’t know if you have to ‘follow’ to comment, assume if you ‘follow’ you can choose to be notified of new posts, and haven’t the first clue what benefits you may derive if you ‘like’ the site. I do know however that if you lick the site you will end up with a pretty disgusting computer screen.

See you on WordPress!

~ t/na


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