Ugly – But True – Rumors

June 25, 2012

Ugly – but true – Rumors

Just reading back through and realized that I never officially announced (though many of you have heard) that we were unable to move either of the houses so generously donated due to trees obstructing their removal.
Thus, I am on the hunt again. So everyone knows and can look, I need a house:

  • Larger than my apartment, which is 754 SF.
  • Wood construction – no brick
  • Sitting on pier and beam – no slab
  • Without big-ass trees in the way!
  • Could be made livable quickly. In other words, not necessarily perfect but not totally disgusting

Also, anyone donating should know up front that it cannot be used for a tax write-off – I am not a non-profit.

Finally, while the boys and I might not be moving as soon as I had hoped, this site will be. Stay tuned…



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