Crossing Things Off My List

May 13, 2012

Dear All ~

So, Job #1 (clearing my lot) can be officially crossed off the list! With the seemingly tireless efforts of nearly forty volunteers (and the financial support of countless individuals), we filled four roll-off container dumpsters with trees, vines, limbs, chunks of concrete, brick, and sweat. Now getting quotes to ‘finish’ the job – yank up the last of the underground vines, add fill dirt* and level. At this point however, it should be a damn sight less than the original $6000 I was quoted!

*Still interested in a few truckloads of crushed concrete. From what I understand, most contractors have to pay to dump this stuff at the dump and will gladly dump it in your yard instead. Keep your ears to the ground for this!

I came home, unloaded the truck (with help!), Larry jacked up the trailer pulling the Bobcat, took a shower and went to bed. Slept at least 12 hours and now catching the rest of you up on what’s up.

My Health A few weeks ago I had what turned out to be a bout of vertigo. While my oncologist never thought the dizziness was brain related*, he ordered a brain MRI just to be sure. Sure enough, it was not brain related. In fact, it showed that I am responding well to the twelve whole brain radiation treatments I underwent and continued chemotherapy. Not cancer/tumor free yet, but working on it!

*For the dizziness, he recommended I go onto YouTube and search for ‘Epley Maneuver’. If you experience dizziness, I too recommend you running through this maneuver before going to the doctor – or doctorS because all too frequently they will refer you to specialists to run all kinds of ridiculously expensive tests. While it is better to have someone help you particularly if your dizziness/vertigo is severe, the maneuver can be done by yourself too.

My Living Situation Didn’t figure out until yesterday how she heard* but, a woman named Edye Baldwin** sent an email to my sister a couple of weeks ago. She said that her brother and sister were builders and had a Heights (neighborhood in Houston) bungalow they wanted to donate.


Yes, a just under 1100 SF two bedroom one bath house they wanted to donate – no charge.


Seriously. Just have to have it moved. And it’s NICE! Granite countertops, hardwoods, recent paint, leaded glass windows… From the pictures it looks as if the sellers made updates prior to putting it on the market.

Starting tomorrow, mom will be in touch with a couple of house moving companies to see how much it will cost and when it can be done. Crossing my fingers it does not have to be cut in half to move (can double the cost) – may be necessary depending on width of the street it comes off of. In the meantime, pulling the permits to run water and electricity onto the lot.

*Chris Dray (dad of one of Jack’s friends from school and his former soccer coach) sent an email to his boss who sent an email to Edye’s boss who sent an email to his people – including Edye. This is but ONE example of why I have dubbed Spring 2012 “The Spring Tina Learned the Power of Social Networking!”

**Not only did Edye negotiate a house for me, she also provided a delicious lunch for us all yesterday at the lot clearing!

In Closing Surprisingly perhaps, this is all the news I have to share at the moment. I hesitate to share my HERO LIST for fear I have forgotten someone or just missed seeing someone, but my hesitation is trumped by an overwhelming desire to acknowledge these incredible people that banded together and, through whatever means they were each able, supported the effort to clear my lot.

So, with your promise to forgive and correct me if this list (in no particular order other than that the teenagers are listed first) is incomplete,

Tina’s Lot Clearing Heroes  Georgia Hutto Jackson Borja Joe Guerra Connor Storey Gabe Borja Anna Rose Finnerman Hunter Markey Hunter’s buddy Jose Blake Meyer Max Weston Mark Birenbaum Delia Austin Cherry Tammy Foster Sheri Voight Edye Baldwin Lucy Keeper Chuck Horn Rosa Glenn Reilly Kelly Davis James & Susan Elmore Sandy Rhea Ben Spangler Alex Meyer Gregory Noel Karen Storey Kim Borja Micki Fine Kathy Frazer Johnnie Webster Crosbie Bean Jane Hutto Larry Aycock Kenn Webster Johnny Foster and Edye’s sister Courtney!

Until next time…

P.S. Photo is Lucy Keeper, my real estate agent who, if you are deemed worthy (i.e. you are not an asshole!) includes a personal blessing among her list of ‘things to do when your buyer buys land or a house.’ I just got lucky and my blessing came on the same day as the Art Car Parade!






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