Late… so short?

February 28, 2012

Dear All ~

So, port went in today. Same surgeon, same OR nurse, it was like a reunion. Because I stayed up so damn late the night before though, I let the meds do their thing and thought I slept through the procedure. Doc told me after that I entertained them all with stories about the pizzas I was dreaming of. I can’t imagine but he swore that I never said anything to be embarrassed about.

After navigating Fannin and our super-frightening left turn lanes that sit on MetroRail tracks, Sheri picked me up. I had a double mocha Starbucks Frappucino (I swear, brain cancer diet), before frustrating her to no end in Michael’s trying to find the cheapest yet most perfect plastic flowers and then she drove me to have my head zapped. Found out that the machine won’t kill a video camera so I’ve decided to start taping a documentary. Just need that camera (which is forthcoming, no worries).

Came home with a mild headache and puttered. Finished sewing in a new zipper that I started pre-Christmas on my trusty and most comfy and now thoroughly unnecessary winter coat. Swept the floor. Yup. Think that’s as far as I got.

Mild headache now. Chest a bit sore. Damn sleepy. Then again, it is 2:09AM.

For my McNair Hall partners in mischief, I will see you all at – I’m guessing? – 10AM on Wednesday. If there is any way possible for all hoopla to commence upon arrival and then abruptly cease within ten minutes, that would be great. I’d really like to spend at least a couple hours figuring out if 4 balls of useless, and hopefully negligible, brain material have affected my ability to work in any meaningful way – assuming everyone thought I worked in any meaningful way to begin with, of course! I’ll bring my brain scan prints so you can all see my glaring imperfections.

And as of today anyway, I still have hair. Short. Messy. Completely unruly and unstyled. But hair.

kisses hugs peace and love,






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