Spring Cleaning

May 7, 2011

For those that largely depend on this forum for their Tina updates – a Tina update.

All four drains that so faithfully sucked away the tequila sunrise colored liquid from my body were deemed ‘okay to remove’ and thus removed on Tuesday.

I returned to work ½ days on Wednesday. On Monday, I’m back in the saddle full-time again.

Fortunately, my mother’s summer wardrobe needed a bit of updating (or so she claims) and I became the lucky recipient of some soft, roomy new clothes. Good thing as I still can’t wear any of my old pants (still just a wee sensitive ‘round the middle) and expect that wearing one of my two Hawaiian style beach wraps as a skirt (the best thing I have found to wear when knocking about) would not meet the unwritten dress code standard at work.

Gabe has a delightful girlfriend, Anna Rose, that I like very much. She bites her fingernails, whispers with my son, has a magnificent smile, and is not in the least bit squeamish. He also got his first speeding ticket (yes, he drives now).

Jackson finished up a remarkable season of baseball today – he even got a single off a random ‘WTF?’ left hand at bat – and I expect will win the ‘most stolen bases’ award for his division. His batting skills got him noticed by the owner of the local cages who put in a call to his friend and coach at the local HS to clear up why Jack had not been accepted into their computer programming Magnet program (turned out to be an ‘administrative error’). So, Jack will be Reagan High School’s newest Bulldog next year (not Ronald, John H.)

Larry is wrapping up his first year in college with a 3.8 GPA (or thereabouts) next week, considering his job options for the summer, and contemplating his next tattoo. While I was napping tonight, he completely cleaned and reorganized my porch – my preferred spot when not sleeping. It is stunning!

I continue to be a bit more tired than I would like but have decided that resistance is futile. It’s kind of like saying no to Jell-O. Why would you?

And finally, no. No one has ever asked my plastic surgeon to just discard their belly button after a tummy tuck/breast reconstruction and not re-insert it. In fact, he explained that as a visual focal point on the human body, observing someone without a belly button would not elicit the confused ‘I can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-what’s-missing… did you shave your moustache off?’ response but rather the ‘point-your-finger-and-exclaim-holy-shit!-s/he-ain’t-got-a-belly-button!’ response. That, as humans, we find the lack of a belly button quite disconcerting, to the point of socially ostracizing those without thus ensuring the one-piece bathing suit market will never go completely belly up (I know, but it made me smile). So maybe I’ve extrapolated a bit on my brief conversation with Dr. Hsu on the consequence of a navel, but you can’t tell me it doesn’t all make you wonder.

I’m not really expecting I’ll have much to bother you with until my next surgery (sometime after July) when they will do what they can to retrofit BoobClassic to match Bosom 2.0. As glad as I am that this Caring Bridge site is having a bit of an anti-climatic wind down (after all, the alternative would be a gripping, gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking story of a promising life cut short by a cruel twist of fate), I figure I’ll let you all eavesdrop through the next surgery and then close up shop on the site. Any other ideas?



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