What’s In A FROG?

August 11, 2010

Radiation (for real and not all the ‘prepping for’) starts today and will last until September 27th – 5 days a week at 1:00 pm. So much for lunch!

Just noticed that my new Frog theme* has an acronym – F.R.O.G. – in the header. After Googling, I’m sure it’s supposed to mean ‘forever rely on god’ which, if you know me you know that no offense is intended but, just doesn’t seem to be an appropriate acronym for me.

As such, I am launching an:

Interpretations of Tina’s F.R.O.G. Acronym Contest

Foolish Resisting Onset of Goofiness?
Feckless Reality Obsession of Geese?
Forever Releasing Odoriferous Gas?

Anyone can play. Don’t think you are the creative type? Solicit help from coworkers, friends or, if you have none, a thesaurus makes a good, if not quite so cozy and/or tumultuous, stand in. (That’s what I used!)

A cash prize of the change left in my coin tray of my truck will be awarded to the winner the next time I see you (and, if I don’t see you because you live far away, I don’t know you, I don’t like you, or you are invisible) I will bequeath it to you in my will. (If you are invisible, you will have to present yourself or, at least speak out loud – subsequently scaring the bejeezus – and more – out of the executor of my estate.)

So “Sign My Guestbook” and enter your decipherment.

* Caring Bridge allows users to change their banner with an assortment of pre-designed themes.


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