August 8, 2010

In a stunning turn of events at a meeting with her host’s radiation oncologist, Pamela’s convincingly firm stance successfully persuaded doctors to not deploy her airbag.

“It’s like I always say, ‘Is Mt. Rushmore just a boulder? Were Fat Man and Little Boy really just Moe and Larry? Is a pontoon a bumper boat?’ I don’t think so little Miss Bouncing Betty! Guessing that’s the last time they’ll mix me up with a cupcake!”

Pamela’s host and local residence, Tina Borja, with her big brown eyes glowing like headlights, seemed ready to bust as she bid “Ta-Ta” after their appointment. She later added, “Despite being a handful, I think Pamela and I make quite a pair.”

Back to you girls.

What a hand-warming story. Thanks for the scoop Nancie. Now, over to you Buster. Did our hometown Hooters rack up a win today?


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