April 25, 2010



disposition (plural dispositions)

  1. The arrangement or placement of certain things.  “The scouts reported on the disposition of the enemy troops.”
  2. Tendency or inclination under given circumstances.  “I have little disposition now to do as you say.”  Or, “Salt has a disposition to dissolve in water.”
  3. Temperamental makeup or habitual mood.  “She has a sunny disposition.”  Or, “He has such a foul disposition.”
  4. Control over something.  “You will have full disposition of these funds.”
  5. (law) Transfer or relinquishment to the care or possession of another.  “The court ordered the disposition of all assets.”
  6. (law) Final decision or settlement.  “The disposition of the case will be announced tomorrow.”
  7. (medicine) The destination of a patient after medical treatment such as surgery.  “The patient was given a disposition for outpatient care.”
  8. (music) The set of choirs of strings on a harpsichord.  “This small harpsichord has a 1 x 4′ disposition.”

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