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April 25, 2010

Disposition – as in:

  1. the “location” or “placement”
  2. the “management” or “control”
  3. the “tendency, flair” or “talent”
  4. the “temperament” or “character”
  5. the “outcome”
  6. the “direction”
  7. the “destruction” or “dispensation”
  8. the “catalyst” or “motivation”


    • ) of coincidence (where do we put coincidence in our lives?)
    • ) of coincidence (to further expand on temperament or character, particularly if trends are noticed.)
    • ) of coincidence (b/c coincidence can certainly present itself with different attitudes – it can be charitable, unlucky, odd, etc.)
    • ) of coincidence (where does coincidence put us?)
      • ) of coincidence (where coincidence leads.)
        • ) of coincidence (swimming against the stream of coincidence.)
          • ) of coincidence (following the lead of coincidence.)

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