Chemo Clusterfuck

March 28, 2010

Tina’s Mom, Rosa, here. Tina has asked me get online and make a revision. Seems she wants to take back all her “glib” remarks and “ain’t-no-big-deal” entries of yesterday.

Second day after chemo and she has not been able to raise her head off the pillow. She says it feels like the flu – exhaustion, painful joints, can’t-move nausea, a headache that painkillers won’t touch. I’ve been with her for some hours and maybe a second nausea med is beginning to work a little.

She’s holding up but possibly disappointed this first chemo is hitting so hard. I can’t find the funny side of this today but I’m sure Tina will be back soon tossing around great comic images of this unexpected, down-the-rabbit-hole venture.

OK, Gabe just came in and sprawled his long teenage frame on the bed and is telling great puke stories. Tina is laughing while trying not to move too much. Ahhhhh, the “son cure!”


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