How We Godless Pray

March 22, 2010

From: k
To: tinaborja
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 21:51:25 -0700
Subject: Re: Updates on Tina Borja’s health

Hi Tina,

I’m sorry to hear about your ductal carcinoma, but I can see from looking at your website at that you have responded to life’s misfortune with humor and a little of that defiance borne from the revolutionary spirit you claimed to once possess. I trust you will not go gentle into that good night, but I am glad to hear that the night does not appear to be coming anytime soon. If I believed in God I would offer you a prayer, but since my observation is that the universe seems unconcerned about the fates of men (and women), I’ll simply wish you well and hope you continue your recovery

Best regards,


Dear K ~

Thanks for the wishing well.  I’ll toss in my pennies.

As for God, I used to say I did not believe in god – singular or otherwise.  A few years back when I became bored with the inevitable repartee that follows this announcement, I realized I was wrong and, I believe, sufficiently re-phrased my belief system.

I don’t believe in the relevance of god.

Were god to be a proven fact tomorrow, it would not change who I am.

Were god to be proven false tomorrow, it would not change who I am.

Thus, the existence of god is irrelevant to my existence.

AND, for those to whom God is relevant, that’s fine with me and, as long as they aren’t compelled to convince or convert me, we can hang out.  If they must save my soul or beg for my forgiveness, how can they?  No one can change the ranking of what is relevant to an individual other than that individual.

Just thought you might appreciate the distinction I have found.  Hope you and your family have survived the wintry tundra and are looking toward the thaw.

~ Tina



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