My Precious Baby Banana

March 20, 2010

From: tina
To: ximena
Subject: RE: So? Are you now…
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:56:38 -0500

Ximena ~

How the brain wanders…  Funny story…

You know how fond you are of e-cards?  So, I got online to find a “thank you” ecard (for the delicious pillowcases – yes) and then got distracted looking through them all and wound up sending ecards to everyone at work instead.  TOTALLY forgot my original purpose for being on the site.  Guessing the combo of increased pain killers and reduced ADHD meds has made me ditzy!

And yes, imagine my surprise that you would remember the passage in that piece where I talked about the cool side of the pillow.  I know it is a fairly universal phenomenon – turning the pillow over to the cool side – but your attention to detail (and ability to remember those details!) really touched me.

I love you very, very, very much!

~ tinita

From: ximena
To: tina
Subject: Hola linda!
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 20:46:37 +0000

Dear Tinita chiquitita preciosa!

Over here the brain wanders too, and I don’t even have an excuse!  Well, except for old age and who wants to use that?!?!  Anyway, I hope everyone at work enjoyed your cards.  They are so much fun!
Are you about to start chemo?
I’ve sent you another TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE gift… but one that may give you a sense of luxury and ease while you are lying in bed…  Hint:  all you’ll need to go with it is a box of bonbons and maybe those slip on house shoes with feathers on them to complete the picture!  And of course, if Larry would strip off his shirt, oil his body, serve you fruit on a silver tray then and rub your feet… ahhh… that would be good for you, eh?  Maybe the gift will inspire all this!
And NO, you are NOT allowed to comment on my fantasies!!!
Love you dearly,Ximena

From: tina
To: ximena
Subject: RE: Hola linda!
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 06:11:09 -0500mi tía atesorada y encantadora ~

Did you just call me a precious baby banana?  I think you did.  See what happens when your mother forgets how to speak her native tongue!

Strangest thing.  I got this super-hot-in-a-Faye-Wray-way negligee in the mail the other day.  I must admit, it is not my usual super-sexy style (that would be naked actually), but I think it could work for me.  I must also admit, I have not yet tried it on and, because I don’t want to completely gross you out, I’ll just say I should wait about one more week before wearing anything white that is not a gauze bandage or the like around the bosom area.

Nevertheless, I thank you in advance.  Apparently, I have been on your mind.  I am beginning to think that before you are done I will have an entirely new ‘bedscape!’  Just do me one favor and please, please, please resist all temptation to send me stuffed animals!  I really could not handle being responsible for one more being – no matter how small and seemingly inanimate – and yes, I DO end up feeling responsible for the little guys and gals.  It’s a sickness, I know.  At least that one is genetic!

Love and more love,


P.S.  Mom confirmed today that vicodin and antidepressants (which, thankfully, I was already on prior to diagnosis) cause severe memory loss!  This, but not before stockpiling a good measure of resentment against me for not doing everything I told her I would do when completely stoned.  Some kind of funny lapses in there actually.  I guess Jack decided to rename Mooch the cat Leonard and I agreed.  God only knows what else happened.  I hope I’m not married again…


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