Some Nuts and Bolts

March 2, 2010


Week of 1/11/2010
Noticed large lump in left breast that wasn’t there the week before.
OB/Gyn appt. Fibrocystic breast change suspected.  Mammogram (a first for me) and ultrasound ordered.
Breast cancer confirmed via mammogram and ultrasound.  Met with surgeon and scheduled excision/lumpectomy.
Excision of 4cm tumor.
Pathology report reveals tumor to be malignant.  Additional surgery indicated to test lymph nodes and either remove breast or further excise area – level of agressiveness up to me.
Scheduled single mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy (with hopes to get plastic surgeon on board).
Met with plastic surgeon (Dr. Patrick Hsu) and got him on board to place the “expander” necessary to gradually stretch skin prior to silicon implant.
Mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy and expander surgery.  Node biopsy indicated they were “involved.”  Many more nodes (25) taken and sent to pathology.
Follow up with plastic surgeon who said everything looks good thus far.  Still have 2 “drains” (i.e. plastic tubes that drain increasingly less bloody fluid from surgical site) and can’t return to work until they are removed (can be removed when output decreases to less than 30 cc’s day for 2 to 3 consecutive days.)
Follow up with surgeon to get pathology on additional nodes taken and get list of recommended oncologists.
That’s it in a nutshell.



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