Brave Face

February 27, 2010

Hi All ~  This is Tina’s Mom, Rosa. My apologies for not updating after surgery. It has been a whirlwind since Wednesday.Monday and Tuesday family members prepared, battening down the hatches of our lives to be available for whatever was needed. Wednesday morning, Teresa (Tina’s sister, for those who have not met her) drove T to the hospital for 7 am pre-op testing. Tina had nothing to eat or drink since midnight and surgery was not until 1pm. In no time, she could smell a bagel 3 rooms away!  Her spirits were, and have been, upbeat.  She’s facing this with humor (abeit often dark) and tremendous courage.

Recovery was a little rough although she doesn’t remember it. The nurses had difficulty getting her pain under control. Evidently, she was still cracking jokes because the nurse who wheeled her out commented that she was really funny.

The first couple of hours in her room were a bit dicey.  Finding the “right” position became the quest for the Holy Grail. A friend who has had a mastectomy was the key to proper pillow placement and deep sleep. She woke up ravenous and the progression from ice and juice moved quickly to homemade beef stew made by son, Jack (with assistance, of course). 

To all our BIG surprise, the docs arrived bright and early the following morning and said “Terrrific – you ate, you kept it down, you’re going home.”  That was 12 hours after she arrived in her hospital room from recovery after a 5 hour surgery!  Their reasoning – the best defense against a secondary infection. We mobilized and got her out of there.  Sad comment on our hospitals. 

Ooops – gotta go.  At Tina’s right now and she needs me to run a quick errand.  More later.

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