In Random Order

February 23, 2010


Things to do before tomorrow:

  1. Pick up my purse (with wallet and phone) that I left at coffeeshop yesterday.  Fortunately, it is all still there.  Gotta love the uber-polite of Rice University!  Just hope no one looked at the pics taken by my camera phone.  Gruesome broken ankle and boob post-op pics.  And muddy dog pics too.
  2. Wait.  Maybe I should shower first?
  3. Obviously, I will make this list of “Things to do before tomorrow” first.
  4. Pre-op appointment with plastic surgeon at 2:00. (I give up.  This list is not in order. Who wudda’ thunk?)
  5. Call short term disability peeps and get them to start a file on me.
  6. Call hospital to see if pre-op necessary (again!)
  7. Get cash.
  8. Pay rent.  Should probably pay electric bill too.  Maybe credit cards too. (drawing a blank.  maybe i should take that shower and resume this list after…)
  9. Make list of everyone that needs a text message post-surgery so my mother and sister can promptly forget to send the text and I’ll be left to do it myself when delirious with pain and/or demerol (god, I hope they give me demerol.  I like demerol.)
  10. Give my sister and mother the password to this site (brace yourselves – far more appropriate journal entries to follow.)
  11. Write a will.
  12. Write a living will.
  13. Write a medical power of attorney.
  14. Write a manifesto.
  15. Write the great american novel.
  16. Contemplate my navel.
  17. Eat a naval orange.
  18. Comtemplate the novelty of my navel (I used to worry that I would come undone if it were untied.  Gabe likes to point out that his is his first scar.  Astute young mind.)

(shower would be a good idea lest this rambling banter become my sole achievement of the day.)

perhaps a fear-soaked entry later tonight?  who knows…


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