In Anticipation of a Rainy Day

Dis Position is a repository* of work by Tina Borja written beginning in February 2010. Tina is a mother of two teenage boys, a writer and an editor of academic manuscripts, texts and non-fiction.  A self-described “witness turned storyteller, caretaker of the love and magic essential in the nourishment of imagination and understudy to the tooth fairy,” her former written works—sodden in the everlasting questions of the nature of love and the meaning of life and then wrung out with her snarky charm—(thankfully) remain unpublished and inaccessible via searchers unarmed with her well-guarded pseudonym.

Tina’s recent literary turn, and its outcome—Dis Position—was precipitated by her life-to-date and the February 12, 2010 diagnosis of Stage 3a invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer (as well as her newfound fascination with the many uses and meanings of the word, disposition). Much of this work (but not some of the best) was originally posted on her Caring Bridge site and is designated as such.

Unless otherwise indicated, all work copyright Tina Borja 2010/2011/and so on.


rɪˈpɒzɪˌtɔri, -ˌtoʊri /ri-poz-i-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee
–noun, plural -tor·ies.
1. a receptacle or place where things are deposited, stored, or offered for sale: a repository for discarded clothing.
2. an abundant source or supply; storehouse: a repository of information.
3. a burial place; sepulcher.